Alarm Clock Radio Utilizing Arduino


This challenge describes make the alarm clock radio in Arduino. The principle options of this challenge is that it’s going to show date, time, will Alarm on desired time and it has a perform of radio too. It is a easy challenge and may assemble inside a couple of bucks. I took inspiration for this challenge from the Mr. Tiziano Bianchettin, an Italian buddy however i’ve modified each and software program as per my requirement. I want to thank from the underside of my coronary heart to Mr. Tiziano Bianchettin for the assistance and steerage throughout this challenge.


On this challenge, I’ve used RTC module, Radio Module and LCD Show all are interfaced by way of I2C protocol. I²C stands for the inter-integrated circuit and refers to a communication protocol that we’re going to use to speak between our Arduino and units. I’ve solely entered 5 preset stations in code, however you possibly can improve, it by altering the code a bit.

There have been 2 Relay modules Used on this challenge, these are the Single channel relay module and a 2 channel relay module. Single-channel relay module swap on, off amplifier and radio module TEA 5767 as soon as Swap S6 pressed.  2Channel relay module is related with swap S7, that is an “OK / ENTER” swap for the radio. This S7 swap has to press every time we alter the station. This 2 channel relay used on this circuit as a result of  In the course of the building of this challenge I discovered there have been some  everlasting noise/ disturbances current within the audio stage of radio which I attempted to repair by way of code however unable to take away (Assuming I2C Communication alerts for Clock current as noise ) so I launched this relay mechanism with a swap to keep away from that annoying noise from audio stage. There are 7 tactile switches are utilizing for edit date, time, Guide tuning of radio, collection of pre-set channels of radio, on-off and edit alarm and on-off radio features.

Observe: This challenge requires 5v 2A minimal to work and failure on giving this present ranking will lead to non perform of the circuit.

Capabilities of Switches as follows

S1: Menu (Time Date Edit Perform )
S2 & S3: + and – perform (+ and – of Date, Time and Guide tuning of radio)
S4: Alarm On & OFF
S5: Pre-set Channel change swap for Radio
S6: On & Off Swap for radio.
S7: OK or ENTER swap for radio (must press every time whereas altering the channel of radio)

How you can modify Alarm Time

Push S4 to change on alarm alarm mode
Press and maintain S3  and  then press S2 to enter alarm time edit mode and modify alarm  time by urgent s2 and s3 once more then press s1 to save lots of the alarm time

Enter & Output Ports of Arduino

S1 – D6
S2 – D7
S3 – D8
S4 – D9
S5 – D5
S6 – D11
S7 – On swap for two channel relay
Buzzer – D10
Gate Of mosfet IRFZ540 – D12
LED –D13

Elements Lists

Arduino  Nano /Uno
20 X four LCD Show   (I2c LCd show)
RTC Clock Module (having I2C interface)
TEA 5767 module
PAM 8403 (5W Amplifier)
Micro USB extension port
Mini Usb cable
2 Chanel relay board (Having Opto coupler)
1 Channel relay board (Having Opto Coupler)
5v – Buzzer
5W, four Ohm speaker X 2 Nos
Massive Tactile Swap with caps 7 Nos.
Led – 1
R3- 220 Ohm resistance
R1&R2 – 10Okay
Mosfet – IRFZ540
5v, 5A energy provide adapter
DC Feminine enter socket
Frequent PCB board
POT – 10 Okay

Arduino code and Library information please obtain from this hyperlink: click on right here

Circuit Diagram

Obtain PDF of Circuit Diagram: click on right here





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